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This "Would you rather" is from DramaFever News, so credit goes to them. Okay lets start. Would you rather...
A. Be at the front row at an EXO concert or B. Go backstage with 2PM
A. Be serenaded by Taeyang of BIGBANG or B. Have GOT7 dedicate a song to you.
A. Live next door to CL of 2NE1 or B. Sit next to Rain on an airplane flight
A. Get dance one on one dance lesson from SHINee or B. Receive singing lessons from Ailee
A. Get beuty tips from the members of Exid or B. Go on a shopping spree with the members of Sistar
A. Sing karaoke with Miss A or B. Eat BBQ with Red Velvet
A. Guest star in a VIXX music video or B. Get called on stage on a F.T. Island concert
A. Go to an amusement park with BIGBANG or B. Go on a weekend getaway with Girls' Generation
A. Get lifetime passes to see Boyfriend in concert or B. Go on a tour with Infinite once
A. Be best friends with the girls of APink or B. Have the boys of JYJ fight over your affections.
A. Be a trainee at SM Entertainment or B. Be a trainee at JYP Entertainment
Good Luck! I tried answering but I was 50/50 with a lot of these so I shall let you guys do the struggling for me.
A B B A B B A A (Big Bang all day) B B I would prefer YG but JYP works too so B
@FabiolaGavina Right! lol
B. B. B. B. (god this one was hard) A. A. A. (it will last longer probably) A. (love their reactions) B. A. B.
1)A 2)B 3)A 4)A 5)B 6)A 7)A 8)A (OMG!!!) 9)REALLY HARD TO CHOOSE!!! I THINK B 10)A... NO B. WAIT...A. I DON'T KNOW! 11)B
1) B 2) B 3) A 4) B 5) B 6) B 7) B 8) A ( almost forgot how to breathe for a minute) 9) B 10) B 11) C ( YG but JYP could work but have to go to YG)
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