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I'm so depressed rn like Don't even get me started. I can't see my bias and My fav kpop group!! Bruh. Like they are only an hour away from my house and and this sucks man. This sucks so bad. Y'all who are going are so lucky. Dammit. This is like one of the worst feelings ever. Ya I'm ranting a lot but can't help man. Kim tae looking all good nd so many people will be seeing him EXCEPT ME! Fuck it.
@EdwinBermudez more like 45 mins >.> @xoxoaudra98 i hope they come here again next year T_T @xxmaknae damn 15 mins? shit if you were my real friend i would have took you out to times square where they were yesterday and look for them hahha. i would have literally done that yesterday but i dont have anyone lol
Saame. I'm still upset those tickets got sold out & they went on sale on my birthday i have up a sweet 16 for their concert only for it to be sold out 😭😭😩 and their my ultimate bias group and i i live 15 minutes away from where the concert is. We're both feeling the same way. It's kind of why I'm avoiding social media this month
I'm SO DEPRESSED today..... (╥﹏╥)
Ugh it's OK, I'm not going either U.U I live in Georgia and there's no way my mom would let me go, the struggles, I want to see them sooooo bad, like really bad 😩
I completely know how you feel!! T.T
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