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Color Inspiration: Cotton Candy Hair
Among all the pastel color, pastel pink (or cotton candy pink) is the best hue for summer. The pastel pink tone is bright, beautiful and cheerful. It also add a touch of summer to any outfit as shown on blogger Kayla Hadlington. She's known for changing her hair color every week. Yes, it sounds daunting but she actually uses a mix of hair extension and temporarily color. Even so, I don't think it's a good idea to constantly alter your hair color with chemical.
For those of you who already have pink hair or wanting to go pink. Below are some styling inspiration.
See, how pink hair and denim jacket can go well?
Black swimsuit can come off as boring but a right pastel pink hair and a cute top knot can fix that.
Don't forget pink compliments blue. So, bring out your sleeveless graphic and rock a bright royal blue skirt.
A rocker edgy chic with pink hair doesn't seem so dark after all.
I'm sorry but I cant rock the pink hair. those of you who can, then rock on. lol
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@smnthcarter773 lol. I personally can't do it either but I have a copy of friends that look super edgy with that hair I wanted to share it.
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oh, I'm not by any means knocking it. I think it looks pretty cool. I guess you just have to have that right skin tone, or something to rock that look. I just don't have that "look".
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@smnthcarter773 I agree. Pink hair is hard to match unless you're super pale
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yeah i have black hair and super tan skin so i don't think i can pull that off..
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