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I normally don't diet, but sometime when I over-indulge during the holidays, I like to do a detox and cleanse sesh. There are many variations, but here is the original one that I follow: The Master Cleanse is meant to be strictly followed over a three-to-10-day period. It is broken up into three phases: Ease-In, The Lemonade Diet, and Ease Out. The Ease-In period is not technically required, but is recommended as a way to prepare your body for the rest of the diet. It is broken out into three days: •Day 1: living food diet •Day 2: fruit and vegetable juices and soup broths •Day 3: orange juice The Lemonade Diet phase is the main component of the Master Cleanse. During this phase, you consume only a special “lemonade,” which is meant to be drunk six to 12 times a day, or whenever you are hungry. The Master Cleanse lemonade is made up of: •2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice which must be freshly squeezed. •2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup—it’s important to avoid imitation maple syrup as it contains additives. •1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper •10 oz of filtered water During the Lemonade Diet phase, you must also take either a nightly herbal laxative (which you can buy at a drug store) or a morning salt-water flush made up of water and sea salt. These are meant to induce daily bowel movements. The Ease-Out stage is essentially the Ease-In stage in reverse: •Day 1: orange juice •Day 2: fruit and vegetable juices and soup broths •Day 3: living food diet Once the cleanse has been completed, it’s important to wait for at least 60 days before going on another cleanse. Actually, some people just do the lemonade part of the diet and stay on it for as long as necessary until they reach their goal. I wouldn't recommend it though. Beyonce did it for Dream Girls, but the second she started eating solid food again, the weight came back. I have a friend who used to drink the lemonade as a replacement beverage instead of doing the entire diet. That seemed effective too.
I just saw that. lol. It seems like a way to cheat on the master cleanse. haha
@starshine: Did you see the lemon detox one that avin shared? It seems a lot easier than this. not sure of the results though
yeah, this one takes a really determined person with a staff that hits you if you look even look at food
ooh. this one is tough...