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I just came arcoss this on the internet im (maybe a little late) but who ever this is and for any one who dose this you should do this to yourself . do not harm your self for whatever the reason maybe you are human you will bleed you will feel pain ypu can die .. if you harm yourself others will be affected as well other people care about you the care if you are healthy and well you are not alone in this world you have those close to you and us you meet here , online, in fandoms and in other places the world is growing so is yours you will meat people who become a part of it and you will be a part of there making them happy as well so please don't hurt yourself.
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@jiggzy19 I know :( @AgentLeo I gree they must feel bad aswell
2 years ago I was going through lots of hard times and depression and I've had my share of self-harming. But I stopped myself, I gave the blade to my mom and explained everything and I got help. Please don't do this, don't start it and don't continue it. And especially don't do it /for/ someone. It's very unhealthy. Get help ♡ (I'm not talking to anyone specific, just in general ^^)
@kimikodragon I understand what you mean I did the same I attempted suicide 3 times but failed I thought my life had no meaning I thought if I was to disappear off the face of the earth it wouldn't change anything it wouldn't make a difference in anything I suffered ( and still do) from depression but I realized the way I thought it wasn't true if I was to disappear my family would miss me my friends (the few I had) as well they always told me I made there day and made them laugh my hyung always stood up for me and make jokes he would always rubb my head and tell me "jin how do you stay so happy?" he thought me alot I stopped hurting my self so when I see people do this I feel bad for them and want to help them I want them to see there are people who care there not alone
also @jiggzy19 became a good friend to me and shes helped me with my personal problems so there is proof that everyone is cared for by anybody dosent matter how far they live :)
this really worries me it breaks my heart 💔😔it must have affected everyone around her I would hug her if I could I am Luhan would be hurt too please we don't ever harm your selfs. sometimes it's hard to talk about our problems but we are not alone a lot of us go through things try and speak to someone don't hold it in you be surprised how talking actually takes a weight off you chest and sometimes meeting and making new friends helps. 😊