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ok so i feel like i am the only one in america with weird and difficult skin. i have a skin condition that makes my skin very dry and bumpy. my face is can be very sesitive at times. i have found that organic, natural or asian brand skin care works really well on my face. even asian beauty products work well on my skin. also america only bans 8 chemicals from being used in their makeup products. funny thing is i am mixed....i am white, black and native american.
I froze when I found out she was 29... @JonesyonMars their skincare routine goes around 10 steps you could look up 10 step Korean skin care routine and lots of things should come up (麓銉甡)
I'm the same mix and it can be hard to find something that works on my skin type. My face gets really dry and my pores clog really easily. I like using the sheet masks. And Id like to look more into the whole skin care regime Koreans have going on. The Korean products I've used so far are nice on my skin.
OMG I absolutely love Wengie! I follow her on Instagram. I still can't believe she is 29
that is definitely one thing that stood out! the time the put into their skincare routine is long! there are some youtubers who talk about the Korean products they prefer and have tried out! you may want to check it out! They typically name the same brands but of course find products for your skin type! the YouTubers are Wengie and meejmuse they are Korean lol & I'M sure some foreigners that live in korean have done videos on their skincare products 馃榿
@yessiex3 ikr they use sheet face masks like every week just about. my skincare routine has expanded to 30 minutes because of the different Korean products I use but it's worth it
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