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The Difference Between Mr. Right and Mr. Oh So Wrong
One last Beauty and the Beast quote before I move onto another one!
When Belle is caught reading by Gaston, he is insufferable, saying that a woman shouldn't read because she will get (gasp!) ideas. Like, ew!! That's her absolute favorite thing to do....why would you think insulting that would get you any love points?
Meanwhile, when Belle reads to Beast, he totally swoons and wants her to read again and again and again!

What's the lesson here?

The right person will fit with you in ways that others did not. It might not be anything this obvious, but maybe you'll notice the subtle way you guys fall into a routine that works for and benefits you both, and maybe that happens in an area where you used to struggle in relationships a lot. You'll fit together, not perfectly like a puzzle because no one is perfect, but in a way that allows you to mush and blend together (ew? lol) like you've never found before.
And THAT is true love!!
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