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omg...jaejoong going to release his mini album..
@syairah12 Aw, thanks. I was. It's been a long time. I remember things here and there. I even remember some of the alphabets (they have 3). It was tough, although I guess learning any language is difficult. I'm still always working on my native language (Cambodian).`re learning Japanese..that`s really awesome..I like Chinese,Korean and I`m still learning Chinese and Korean by my own..but next year I`m going to take classes for those languages if I have free time to do so..keke
Wow, that's awesome that you're learning by yourself. That's okay that you don't know where. No big deal. I'll see if I can find it later. :D I've picked up some Korean myself, but just some from watching dramas and variety shows. I took a few years of Japanese and that was hard enough.
@soula81..I just learned hangul *korean* by myself..I watched youtube..step by step..but I can't speak korean well..still learning..keke..I join JYJ club..some fans make those post in Korean and I just share it..keke can get it somewhere..but I don`t know which places sell those eyelash..keke
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