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*Vietnamese card recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/94556 Indonesian card recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/94770 JW is looking the datas which the man collected. There are Harry and his aunt's pic. JW finally notices Harry is Hyeong Jun. In the meanwhile, Harry cries "It was TJ who made me like this. My mom even doesn't recognize me. What do u think I'm gonna do now?" SY says "I knew TJ planned all things. You also knew it." At the moment, JW apears in front of him. "You haven't changed at all since 14 yrs ago.." JW realized Harry is Hyeong Jun. In the meanwhile, SY says “You knew who hurted u and ur mom.” Then Harry screams, “SY, how can u do this to me? Are u that scared of hurting JW?” At that moment, JW appears, “Hyeong Ju. You didn’t change at all. U guys had fun while lying to me? Tell me what u know. Follow me.” SY says “I’m sorry for not telling u beforehand. I have reason. I will tell u later.” Then she says who’s Harry actually. And SY persuades Harry to bring his mom to home. But Harry says “She even doesn’t recognize me. I don’t need her.” SY encourages him to get help from JW. “Do I get help from TJ’s son?” SY says “He’s also victim. He even became detective to find out about this happening. He will help u. If u tell him what TJ did to u, he would do sth for u.” Harry says “JW also has crime. He took away you from me. 14 yrs ago, u told me all u need is me..” SY says “You remember all the things? U told me u don’t remember anything cuz u had lots of shock. U also knew my mom was looking for me. U didn’t tell me all the thing for me?” Harry says “Yes, it was for u. TJ is still looking for u. If he knows u’re alive, he would kill me.” But SY doesn’t believe his saying and wanna leave from him. Then Harry says “SY, I killed SD. U told me..u told me u wanna kill them. If u want sth from me, I can do even more. I don’t regret.” SY says “Jun, no..Plz tell me u didn’t..” Harry says “Go..go and tell them to catch me. Whatever happens, I won’t be able to live without u.” Seeing him, SY says “I don’t believe what u say. I will go home..” Then she loses consciousness. SY comes to come back home. She says “EJ, I’m sorry..I was planning to comeback after finding out who killed ur father, but I missed home so much.” EJ accepts her and SY’s mom cries.. She feels thankful of JW to bring SY. In the meanwhile, Harry feels so much heartache. “SY left even if I tole her I killed SD. Leave me alone..go..go away..!”, he screams. At that night, SY tells JW what happened to her when she was young. “When we went France, we relyed on each other.” JW says “U’ve been through hard things because of me..I won’t never die without u..” SY says “I even won’t allow u to die.” TJ is talking to his wife, “Go to Japan with Jun’s mom for a while. Then Jun would give us his money to get her back. We can lock her up again.” At that night, SY goes out secretly. She talks to her mother who is asleep, “Mom, I’ll back soon this time.” JW is talking with his co-workers. They found out Hyeong Jun was using Harry’s identity. Next morning, SY goes to Harry’s home. There she sees their pic is broken. She finds a secret room and enters. In the room, there are articles about SY’s victim on sexual assult and JW’s family pic. While she’s looking around, the door is closed. There she can see what is happening on first floor. TJ’s wife propose transaction to HJ. She wants money instead of bringing his mom to him. “Ah, does SY know she became like that because of ur mom?”, she asks. Then HJ says “You shouldn’t have said that..You wanna have a drink? My aunt used to enjoy swimming after drinking this.” She asks “Where’s ur aunt?” HJ says “I gave her a vacation. You will meet her soon.” SY notices HJ tries to kill her and gets shocked. In the meanwhile, TJ arrives to a place to have contraction with HJ. There he recognizes sth wrong is happening. Then his secretary gives him HJ’s call and hits him. JW catches him, Harry, and brings him to police office. But he begins to lie, saying “SY ordered all things.” Then JW gets call from SY. She says “JW, you should have left if I pretend I don’t know you. I wanna kill all the ppl who remember the happening at that time.” JW notices Harry tries to frame SY. In the meanwhile, the door is opened and SY comes out. SY sees TJ’s wife is lying. SY tries to wake her up but she’s dead already. Then she sees a video from HJ. He says ‘SY, now u’re a murder. Policers would believe u killed SD, SC and TJ’s wife.‘ SY gets shocked. At that time, JW calls her. “I know u didn’t kill. Come out from there right now. He hugs SY and policers comes to catch SY. They wanna bring her to police office but JW doesn’t allow it.
oh my darling don't cry ... I LOVE you <3
@ChiePicasos sorry i just read it keke~~ no...i'm not korean keke i'm indonesian, why?~~ are you korean??^^
Thanks @luphlophita. :)
@luphlophita that's it! Perfect! Are you Korean? :)
it's yoochun's first drama without junsu's beautiful voice for the soundtrack :(
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