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Well....I'm crying again. I cried for 3 days when the tickets sold out because I was so close....I'm crying again knowing I'll never see them because they wouldn't come to Kcon in NJ either....*begins to cry uncontrollably* I HATE MY LIFE!!! J-HOPE OPPA~~~!!!!
Honestly though they did deserve a larger venue. The Best Buy Theater is kind of small. They could have filled the Prudencial Center and more fans could have gone. I hope their company thinks of this next time. ..........IF EVER THEY COME TO THE EAST COAST AGAIN 😭😭
Saame. I'm still upset those tickets got sold out & they went on sale on my birthday i have up a sweet 16 for their concert only for it to be sold out 😭😭😩
My sisters and I were LITERALLY going to go but they sold out. (β•₯﹏β•₯)
@RochelleDiamond I'm super proud they were able to sell out but yeah, it sucks that not everyone that wanted to go had a chance :/
Saaaaame :/ I'm going to go pass out tissues in line for people who are going cause obvs they're going to cry hahahahah
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