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First off, B1A4 is officially having a comeback in August!!!! As the above photo says, there are plans to have world tour also! We don't know for sure if they will be coming back to America, but a couple of my friends are trying to organize a US BANA fan project similar to the one in the video below:
You don't even have to be a US BANA to participate! Along with a huge US BANA meetup, there will be a video project! Even if you don't live in the States (or wouldn't be able to go to a meetup like me), as long as you have a way of filming yourself you can participate. If you don't want to get in front of a camera, there are still ways to help out, too. We would need people to get the word out, help edit videos, figure out logistics of the project, distribute materials and other information, among many other tasks. Any help is greatly appreciated!
The biggest goal right now is to get MNet America on board like the fans in San Francisco did. By filling out the survey below you're indicating an interest in the project and increasing the chances of the project actually happening ^_^ Most of the communication right now is happening via Tumblr, so if you have any questions please direct them to the project management leaders linked below, or comment on this post and I will get answers for you ASAP!
Here are some links if you need more information since I'm bad at explaining things...
Project Management Leaders' Ask Boxes on Tumblr if you have any questions: Izzy, Po, Chen
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