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I'm really sick of this. People really needs to move on and worry about themselves it wasn't toward them anyway so... i don't understand. i don't see how it was racist if RM was racist then American Hustle Life wouldn't have happen. Plus he looks up to African-American rappers. Like really people are taking this to serious. I don't want anybody hurt. Stay strong. Fighting!
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this is BS WTF. @tayyylorx
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@kpopchicken Legit I just commented this on someones post. Ugh why do people have to be so rude.
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absolute ridiculousness! Im sure he didn't mean what he said as an insult to dark skinned people. And even if he did it was just a poorly worded joke that's all! People act like azn ppl don't get made fun of all the damn time. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ I don't want him or any of the other members hurt either. I want them to enjoy their experience here so they will want to return again.
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