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people are going way out of hand. I support RM!
I'm really sick of this. People really needs to move on and worry about themselves it wasn't toward them anyway so... i don't understand. i don't see how it was racist if RM was racist then American Hustle Life wouldn't have happen. Plus he looks up to African-American rappers. Like really people are taking this to serious. I don't want anybody hurt. Stay strong. Fighting!
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@kpopchicken Legit I just commented this on someones post. Ugh why do people have to be so rude.
absolute ridiculousness! Im sure he didn't mean what he said as an insult to dark skinned people. And even if he did it was just a poorly worded joke that's all! People act like azn ppl don't get made fun of all the damn time. 馃槖馃槖 I don't want him or any of the other members hurt either. I want them to enjoy their experience here so they will want to return again.