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I might have gotton one of my friends into kpop! I'm not even sure if I did, but she sure will be obsessed for a while
I got her to listen to BIGBANG! She is putting the BANG BANG BANG music video on repeat right now, but she also likes Sober, If You, and Loser, aka some of my favorite songs!!!
I can tell you guys how it happened if you want Hehehe I'm so excited! Hopefully she fell as hard as the rest of us! Lol
Sorry for adding so many cards... Anyways, goodnight everybody!
I feel this way every time I introduce a friend to a fandom and they join xD
Lol I like that I can come on here and find ppl that's like kpop can be cool.
@DeniseiaGardner lol I make my family listen to it 馃槀 @melkhmer Haha same for my friend!
lol I got my roomie into kpop.....we connected so much after that haha
all my friend won't ever try so I'm the only one listen to kpop in the car lol
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