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1. my lock screen & home screen, Epik High. i absolutely love them to death. just until recently it used to be my bias Lee Hyun Woo, but ever since epik highs american tour it's now taken a semi permanent spot.
2. this is my "download" section of my phone, i don't like downloaded so i technically just take screenshots of any and all the pictures i want. As you can see full of a lot of Lee HyunWoo Oppa.
3. lastly a screenshot of what i listen to mostly through out my day, i have many kpop songs, and i listen to a bunch of other artists, but this is my most listened to playlist. it contains Epik High, Verbel Jint, Zico, San-e, and etc.
yep that's my phone technically. as you can see a lot of love to Epik High. credit to the person who started this challenge. ending it with the bae. O(≧∇≦)O Adios!
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@k8wnba20 yes he is he seems so down to earth and cute! so much love to him!
@xxchicharitoxx did you like him in running man. sorry I'm a huge running man fan, so I have to ask? lol
@k8wnba20 dude you are not alone, I LOVE LOVE LOVE RUNNING MAN. I can't tell you how many times I rewatch Lee hyun woos episodes. my favorite out of the two is the flower boy one. especially when during the watermelon seed challenge. 😍❤
@xxchicharitoxx YES YES YES! lol I catch myself watching my fav episodes all the time.
@k8wnba20 same. dude same.