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Has anyone here ever thought that maybe an artist is THE one? Like if you ever met an idol and he/she no longer is one and you still have feelings for him/her and he/she asked you out on a date but not for who he/she was but for who he/she is at the moment,a person with no fame or fortune. I feel like my feelings for Daesung of Big Bang surpass the feelings of a fangirl like "wow I truly love this man like I would love a regular person". No joke he is the reason of my being and I don't know how I'd feel if he were to ever disappear from my life. I don't know maybe I'm just weird and am the only one. What do you think?
Yes that's how I feel about Jackson. Something about him just feels right
I've definitely gone through feelings like that before, but then things like scandals happen (obviously not Daesung, but Im talking about other idols I've liked) and you realize that so much of what we see of them is doctored and cooked up and edited by their agency or TV or even themselves. Like, Leo from VIXX for example is a complete character. Taekwoon is actually a really bubbly person who likes to cuddle with his guy friends and is super goofy but his agency needed a mysterious character for the group and made him be it. I think there are plenty of genuine people in the industry (like Daesung) but soooo many of them are so fake that now I'm nervous to fall for them.