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Well I just recently moved to New York to Lower Manhattan and I really do love having friends with common interests. If you live nearby or anything I'd really love to hang out with you. Please message me if you're interested.
I'm only in NYC half the time cause of school but if you're around times square tonight I'm passing out random things to the BTS fans in line LOL
Those of you that are interested in meeting up sometime to go to Koreatown or whatever contact me through kik: jaywovesu or look me up on Facebook: Jaileen Rios.
Ooh.fellow New yorkers I live in Brooklyn but I don't mind trips into the city, new friends welcome \(☆o☆)/
Omggg. I live in New York just not Manhattan but I go there ALOT especially when there's kpop concerts & when I go to the ktown in Manhattan. We should hang out sometime
I can't see yours either
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