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1. B...I'm sorry this was too easy for me.
2. A...this was tough. I have to go with Taeyang because well he's sexy and I couldn't never pass up the chance to meet any member of BB.
3. A...I like rain but it would be awesome to live next door to CL and possibly become good friends^_^
4. A...I would have dance lessons with SHINee just to meet Choi Min Ho 3
5. B...I don't care for makeup too much but I do like shopping!!! Also Sistar has been one of my favorite girl groups for a while
6. B... I love Miss A but I can't sing and I love food
7. A...Vixx for sure.
8. A...Who would pass up an opportunity to hang with BB?
9. B...oh this wasn't easy but I think I would regret not seeing Infinite more
10. A...I don't have a really good reason for choosing A I just really like Apink.
Which would you guys rather choose??? Warning: Some of these decisions may be difficult to make, and some may cause you to question your bias, but it's all in good fun!
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1.B because i love 2pm. 2.B I would love to have a song dedicated to me. 3.A because I love CL. 4.A because I could have Taemin teach me even though I suck at dancing. 5.B I don't really care about beauty plus I get to shop with Sistar. 6.B I can't sing and I love BBQ. 7.B Having Hongki singing to me would be the best thing ever. 8.A hate roller coaster but being able to spend a day with BB who wouldn't. 9.B tour always take long so yeah. 10.B not much of a fan of APink.
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go back stage with 2pm, duh lol
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our answers are the same lol
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if i had my way i would choose all.
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1. A 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. B 6. B 7. A 8. A 9. A 10. B
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