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Six Months of the AT Thru-Hike in 15 Seconds
Not to say I don't enjoy watching full length documentaries about hiking (because I do), but I really enjoy these kind of short videos that can really show off the impact that a few months on the trail can have on a person: the experiences they can have, the people they meet, the sights they see, and more!
While the creator of this video does intend to make a longer film about his journey (thus why he filmed, well, everything), I think that this 16 second video can be used to show people who think the idea of the AT is "crazy" just why we do it.
Thru-hikers for life! All because of this kind of beauty.
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The AT thru-hike is my dream for hiking in North America. I've got to do it at some point.
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@jeff4122 It's an amazing journey! I can't get enough of videos of it either hah.
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