The things my friends send me.... sigh. lol Anyways.. Hi guys
So I was thinking while scrolling through vingle... I have so many gifs and memes and dont know what to do with them. Haha so I came up with this random challenge.
So I challenge everyone to make a card filled with your fav/funniest memes and gifs and why? . Stupid? I know but still im just looking for a laugh.
Here's mines....
its my fav because i lobe heal me kill me and Yona looks gorge lol.
i use this one on the daily basis.. more than i should haha
ummm....should there be a reason why i love these? O.O
because kpop boy groups be having no chill *cough cough* Uniq eoeo.... not to day devil.. lol
too accurate to life...
perfect for when i put a nonkpopper on blast when they come for me.
well that's about it~~ i challenge all and @poojas @kpopandkimchi @PassTheSuga.
@jiggzy19 @PassTheSuga @montha91 @poojas tag me when you guys do yours !!
I died. 😵
(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) I'm embarrassed to admit how many gifs I have.....this is gonna be interesting for me. @poojas tell me you're gettin in on
@SashaLove I will once I find some pics. Lol
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