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This card may contain content unsuitable for young viewers... I say 'may' cause I haven't decided what songs to use yet XD
Why use the picture above? because I like it, that's why XD
Thank you to the ever incredible @PassTheSuga and @aabxo for the challenge they came up with ^^
As it happens I actually prefer cold weather, Australian summers aren't that great, I mean until animals are just dropping dead from the heat, and the roads start to melt I don't think you can complain XD
Now lets get this list going \(^-^)/

1. MIN - Shine Your Light (Feat. Justatee)

This song is V-Pop (Vietnamese Pop), I love this song so much ^^ it's such a happy feel good song that just screams summer to me, it's relatively new so there is no MV yet, sorry guys. Still this song is so good, it doesn't really need one! Just click play close your eyes and imagine a nice summers evening, cool breeze is blowing, and you are having a great time with your friends, hanging out in some coastal town XD

2. BoA - Masayume Chasing

Queen BoA!!!! BoA was a huge part of my early journey through K-Pop and I've loved her ever since!!!! This was one of my favorite songs from her last Japanese album. This song is like the embodiment of summer night out with friends, and I was not expecting BoA to rap, like that was a total surprise, she's so talented, and I love her so much \(^-^)/ !!!!!!!!! okay now that the fanmanning is out of the way let us continue :)

3. NS Yoonji (NS Yoon-G) - Honey Summer

NS Yoon-G finally came back with this awesome summer track, I love how fun this song is, and I don't care what people say about her, I think she looks beautiful in this ^^ another awesome pool/beach ready summer jam ^^


Because no playlist could be complete without U-KISS being awesome ^^
This song is so awesome and summery, despite the snow and ice throughout the entire MV XD such an awesome dancing party song :D

5. Son Tung MTP - Mai Này Con Lớn Lên

Yes this is a Vietnamese OMO ad...and yes I love it to bits XD We don't have cool adverts like this in Australia, we just have annoying ones that make us want to turn the TV off... anyway forget this is an advert and just listen to an awesome song ^^

6. 2PM - My House

Ok so I don't know about you, but this is one invitation I'm not turning down... you know as long as the only thing they have in mind is like watching a movie or playing video games or something like that XD
To me, this is the perfect summer night party song, whether it's an actual party or just you driving around at night with your friends, blasting K-Pop XD

7.SLEEPY x Song Jieun - Cool Night

At this point its necessary to just slow it down a little, bring in something a bit softer, Song Jieun's voice compliments SLEEPY's rap so well!!! This song is definitely one of my favorite summer jams so far this year!!!! Perfect driving song, in my opinion, especially if there is a cool breeze blowing, perfection!!!!!

8. SISTAR - Shake It

Okay if you weren't expecting this then you probably need to get to know me better XD
What summer playlist could be complete without the Queens of Summer themselves !!!!
This is definitely one of my favorite songs right now! SISTAR are just so good a bringing out those summer hits!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

9. SISTAR - Touch My Body

As I previously stated SISTAR are really the Queens of Summer in my opinion, this is just another reason why! This is a MUST for any Summer Party, not that I ever really have or attend any unless it's just me and @jiggzy19 dancing around like crazy, if that counts then I have a party almost every day... jealous? XD

10. 2NE1 - Falling In Love

First things first, They ALL look absolutely FINE in this, and by FINE I mean BEAUTIFUL XD
I know a lot of people feel that this is 2ne1's weakest song, but honestly I love every single thing about it!!!! It's such a fun happy song, it doesn't get more Summery than this !!!

11. 4Minute - Is It Poppin?

It's Summer so of course 4Minute had to make an appearance!!!
Not their most popular song, but I still love it to bits, fun, catchy, plus its always playing every time I go get bubble tea XD so it reminds me of my favorite summer drink ^^

12. AOA - Heart Attack

AOA \(^-^)/ !!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
I realize this playlist has pretty much turned into nothing but me fanmanning over everything... I make no apologies XD
This song is getting a lot of hate, as most things do these days, still I don't care what other people think about it, because I think it's absolutely fabulous in every way ^^

13. Afterschool RED - In the Night Sky

One of my favorite songs from either of Afterschools sub-units, such fun!!!
and who doesn't want to party out in the desert with these girls? Probably most sane people, but I gave up on my delusions of sanity ages ago XD

14. EXID - Up & Down

The song... or rather the dance that finally brought EXID the recognition they deserve! This is an amazing song by an amazing group ^^ I love this so much!
Little fun fact, I was walking through the mall with my lil sis @jiggzy19 when we heard this song randomly playing, turns out it was a Korean street magician, and he was really good!!! its a shame we didn't get to film it. Still it was such an awesome surprise hearing this blasting through the mall ^^

15. EvoL - We Are a Bit Different

EvoL definitely deserve more recognition than they get... I mean have you heard this song? XD One of my favorite songs to just get up and dance to ^^ and it has such an fun upbeat vibe, how does this not qualify for summer? lol

16. Secret - U R fired

No MV availible sorry, still this is probably one of my favorite Secret songs from their album "Secret Summer"
For when you feel like throwing stuff around, or just dancing like the crazy K-Pop fan you are, or both at the same time XD

17. VIXX - Love Equation

So I'm not usually the biggest fan of guys acting all cutesy... it has little to no effect on me, but for some reason when VIXX do it I just want to join in XD Maybe it's something to do with how awesome this song is ^^ Either way this is definitely a summer jam \(^-^)/

18. Nu'est - Sleep Talking

Direct from the time, when people still weren't sure if Ren was secretly a girl or not XD
Why are my pajamas not as cool as theirs?!?!?! Okay hold up, that's not entirely true, when I was like six I had some killer dinasaur pajamas XD
This song is the first nu'est song I ever heard, and I've been hooked since then, this is a great song for dancing too whilst still remaining in a sprawled-out position on the living room floor XD Oh yeah, I'm a floor dancing machine ^^

19. FIESTAR - We Don't Stop

At this point it occurs to me that i probably have too many dance tracks on this list XD
But how could I possibly skip this song!?!?! FIESTAR don't get enough credit for how awesome their songs are! If you haven't heard this before you are totally missing out XD
I'll post part two soon, and I'll try and reduce the amount of dance tracks XD
I hope you all enjoyed the first part of my list, crazy fanman feels and all XD
Credit to the owners of these mv's and the photo
AWESOME playlist!!!!! Definietly a playlist to be jamming out to over the summer!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )
You picked really good songs and I love your choices! I was wondering what kind of song to listen to during the summer and this really helped! I hope you keep this going on and on!!!!!
aaaand I'd like to add what's not to like about AOA's heart attack? hehe
my fave is sistar's shake it :) but I like shine your light too felt summer in that song :))
LOL Your description for 2PM's song. You picked so many good onessss. How did I not put Fallin In Love on mine?!
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