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One of the biggest complain from people with fine hair is volume. Since there's really nothing you can do to change how thick your natural strand is, find a flattering haircut for yourself.

Full Bangs

Use Alexa Chung's hair as a reference. A forehead fringe is a volumizing trick that can give overall hair a fuller look. Note: Stay away from full bangs if you have a round face.

Wavy Lob

This shoulder-length cut has been a favorite and there's a reason for this. It's incredibly flattering. Tip: Snip the back slightly shot to give you hair a lift! You can even sneak in some highlights for more dimension.

Carefree Bob

Same concept as wavy bob except the length is a few inches shorter. Wear it sleek and sophisticated or choppy and tousled. It's extremely versatile and you really don't need a ton of volume for this hairstyle. Tip: Use a texturizing spray to add some oomph!

Edgy Pixie

Not everyone can commit to this but if you can, go for it. The slicked-back pixie is super edgy!

Sharp Layers

Fine hair ladies often choose shorter cuts because it gives their hair more volume. Well, long cuts also work as long as the layers are sharp and clean. Otherwise, your hair will look lifeless.