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Daniel Radcliffe went to the Nylon offices for a day, and while there, he stepped in as their secretary for an hour. You might not think being a secretary would faze someone who has acted naked on stage (yes, that happened), but an office like Nylon can be quite overwhelming for a newbie who, by his own definition, is "very new, and very shit."
Oh, and Joe Jonas shows up? What the heck, Nylon?
I've officially decided I'll date Daniel Radcliffe, if he'd like to. Even as a long time Harry Potter fan, that doesn't mean I've wanted to date him since I started loving his performance as Harry. Even in the few other movies I enjoyed his acting in, I can honestly stay I still didn't want to date him (which, isn't very surprising considering I usually don't find myself wanting to date the actors or actresses I like. Except ZooeyD. She can call anytime).
Anyways, my point is that Daniel actually seems like a weird, quirky, fun guy to be around with ridiculous hair that is either curly or stands up in 700 directions. Watching him be a secretary suddenly helped me realize that maybe, just maybe, Daniel is the one for me. Probably not but maybe.
I like that guy who just flat out calls it weird. I'd be that guy.
Ok but can he get a moment of applause for owning up to how difficult it is to be in that position? People always look down on secretaries but it's a tough gig! Definitely not for the faint of heart (also *swoon*).
Haha yeah same...gosh he’s adorable. @hikaymm
Also, Joe Jonas? That’s a joke that he doesn’t recognize him right? I can seeing being a joke but also not...haha
Yeah, you might have to watch out because I’m also attempting to date Daniel Radcliffe...
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