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Diet tips from Chinese celebs: How Cecilia Cheung lost her post-pregnancy weight in 15 days

Cecilia Cheung lost ~10 kg of her post-pregnancy weight in a stunning 15 days!!! When interviewed, she revealed the secret to her weightloss, "It was a difficult process for me! Everyday I had to swim, run and control my diet. I didn't eat any rice or bread at all, and all the dishes I ate were oil-free." wow. all I can say is the hard work paid off. She looks phenomenal!
she is so cute <3
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7 Weird Weight Loss Tips That Don't Involve Exercising
If you're on a weight loss journey, but you hate exercising, test out these weight loss tips that don't require one minute of exercise. Tie a knot. If you're feeling daring, try Valerie Orsoni’s “Le Petit Secret." It's a method used by multiple French women who wear a ribbon around their waist when they go out to eat. It's supposed to keep you conscious of how much you're eating because the ribbon will start to feel tighter as the evening progresses. Eating for the Insta. Rather than logging down every morsel in a food journal/diary, take a picture of it. That way you can visualize how much food you're truly consuming. Eat off small blue plates. Putting your food onto small plates will give off the appearance that you have more food on your plate than you actually do. Also, the color blue functions as an appetite suppressant, so there's a reason why a lot of restaurants don't use them. Eat with your opposite hand. This will cause you to concentrate more on picking up your food and unconsciously slow down your food intake. Light a vanilla-scented candle after dinner. Studies show that the aroma of a vanilla candle will dampen dessert cravings. Hang a mirror opposite your seat at the table. You're less likely to shove that extra roll in your mouth when you're staring yourself in the eye during a meal. A mirror will help remind you of why you're trying to lose weight in the first place. Sit at the end of the table. Usually all the shared food such as appetizers, chips and salsa, bread, etc. are placed in the middle of the table for easy access to everyone. The farther away you sit, the least likely you will be tempted to go for seconds.