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The only time I've ever heard anything about the Medellin cartel was Vinny Chase's butchered attempt to play Pablo Escobar in Entourage. Thankfully, Netflix is planning to do a better job telling the intense story in a series premiering August 28th.
Narcos, Netflix's newest original series, will follow the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar and the DEA agent sent to Colombia to capture and kill him. The entire series is based on the true story of cocaine drug cartels in Colombia and beyond, as well as the bloody conflict that they caused.
I already knew I wanted to watch Narcos because of stuff I've read about it, but after seeing that trailer, I'm hooked. I love historical fiction, and am hoping that this series will be equal parts informative and dramatic.
The trailer teases shootouts, bribery and the King of Cocaine himself. I think Netflix has a real chance to inform viewers about the deadly drug war, while keeping them entertained by blowing lots of stuff up.
For anyone that loves historical fiction, crime TV or just drama series in general, I bet you'll be binge-watching the first ten episodes with me on August 28th.
I will surely be on the lookout for this on the 28th. Thanks for creating this card, please keep us hip on what Netflix is rolling out next!
Yeah @Gavriella TV does have a tendency to make the drug world incredibly dramatic (which it probably is), but I think it'll be interesting to have some sort of historical perspective. I'm looking forward to it as well!
I can't wait to watch this! After Breaking Bad and Weeds (both of which I loved), it's hard to tell how much of the message around drug dealing is accurate and how much is dramatized. This seems like it'll be a little more historically on point, but will still deliver the drama! Thanks for posting!