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You've scored the number -- well, that's a start.

Now it's up to you to make sure you don't end up on the blocked caller list. Texting your crush can create a mix of emotions for both yourself and the other party. The feeling of anticipation and excitement while awaiting those responses can be both a scary and exhilarating feeling to say the least. Technology has taken over and sometimes texting can get the best of us causing us to not make the wisest decisions when it comes to what we send.
Be mindful of those cute emojis and essay form text messages that can steer your crush in the opposite direction. To make sure you don't run into any of these mistakes or send your crush running for the hills -- here are five things you shouldn't do when texting your potential lover.

Don't Send Two Texts In A Row

Relax. Pretty sure your crush has a life just like you do. Give them a chance to reply. They got the first text, no need to flood their inbox with a second one.

Don't Wait Hours To Reply

Okay, of course two can play that game -- but just because it took them longer than usual to reply, doesn't necessarily mean you have to be petty and do the same. You don't have to play hard to get. If you like this person, make it known. Don't over do it by making them wait hours and hours for a reply. Nobody likes mind games.

Be Mindful Of What You Send

Sometimes your emotions can get the best of you and you can easily get caught up in the moment, but be careful of what you send because once you press send -- there's no looking back.

Responding With One Word

Double standards -- leave them at the door. You can't trip when they sent one word responses when you clearly do the same thing. If you want the conversation to flow and be engaging, you need to write a little more than just word or don't expect a reply.

Over Analyzing Every Message

Don't look too deep into messages. They're messages, they aren't meant to be read so deeply. If you want a better explanation or to go into depth -- meet in person and speak. Every message doesn't require an analyzation. Over analyzing will leave you textless and lonely.
If you want to spice up your texts a bit and make sure that you draw your crush completely in -- refer to my How To Flirt Through Text Messages card. You'll pick up a new technique and possibly pick up your crush.
Agreed @LizArnone :) I love these tips!! I think it's so important to chill out when texting. Too many people get so stressed out about it!! When in doubt, read the text at face value. That's probably how they meant it ;D
omg i hate that people think they should wait forever to reply!! mind games are dumb especially if you actually like the person because it will push them away!
I will admit, I used to sometimes play mind games only because I felt like the same was being done to me, but it drives me insane now! @LizArnone and @allischaaff I too admit that I often times get stressed and have to sit my phone done for awhile and remind myself, it's not that deep bruh lol