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Look I totally get it. Themes were my shit in college. Toga, Mathletes and Athletes, ABC, Corporate hoes and CEOs, every time there was a theme the party was just 20 million times better. But now you graduated and you are suppose to act like an adult.....awkward.
Graduating college doesn't instantly throw you into the wine and cheese night crowd (although that is a delicious change of pace). You might have to act professional during the work week but that doesn't mean you can't still rock out on the weekends, and that means THROWING A THEME PARTY!
Don't worry it can be totally socially acceptable if you throw all those college ideas (aka anything rhyming with hoe) out the window and use these more refined and classy themes to get absolutely blasted.
Pro Tip- Make sure employers do not see any pics of you raging, especially if they weren't invited.
1. Speak Easy: Great Gatsby
This party will be completely amazing (and totally age appropriate) if you are ready to go all out. Tell everyone to come in their best roaring 20's outfits. I mean flapper dresses and feathers for the girls, spenders and fedoras for the fellas. Buy fake pearls to litter the tables and those plastic tiny champagne glasses to use when popping the bubbly.
The best part about this theme is that you have a job now! You can spend a little extra on small touches to make this party a banger.
2. Vacation Dad
Just because you are now considered "old" to anyone still in school, you are still young enough to make fun of the real old people!! Throw a vacation dad theme party and you will be surrounded by Hawaiian button downs, ugly sandals and fanny packs! Cover every surface with tiki decorations and serve frozen drinks! It will be hilarious.
3. TBT Party
Joining the work force is so hard during your twenties because you are still trying to cling to the carefree attitude you had growing up. I mean think about it, at this point in your life you have been a kid way longer then you have been an adult. So embrace that feeling for a night! Throw a decades party where everyone dresses in the terrible clothing during their awkward years and you can ONLY play music from that time period. I'm taking 8th grade dance music.
If someone doesn't show just in a Gucci velour sweat suit, go out and buy one because THAT NEEDS TO BE THERE.
I've already purchased my vacation dad shirt. Vacation dad and some jungle juice ?
@Lizarnone Love the vacationing Dad one
Love this!! I have a card about the cocktails you should make for a prohibition / great gatsby party! :D
@QueenWitch thanks!! i might be going to one of those soon! @danidee chokers are making a come back!!! your time to relive the 90s and it still be socially acceptable has comeeeeeeeee
Omg, the 90s one just made me feel a wave of nostalgia. Their chokers though.