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It seems like people have really enjoyed my Closet Cosplays collection (@vulpix @poojas :D) so I figured I'd make two this week. Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite characters, and I've actually done a few genderbent versions of the BBC character myself.

I love closet cosplays because they're cheap and easy.

All the fun of cosplaying without the months (or years of work). They might not look as impressive as the hand-sewn, lovingly crafted and impossibly intricate costumes you see at conventions, but they're more accessible for people who haven't mastered those skills yet. I like to think of closet cosplays as the gateway to the really intense ones we all admire!

Here's what you'll need to build a genderbent cosplay of Sherlock Holmes.

(Fanart by boxno).

The BBC Version:

There are a few costume pieces that really distinguish this character. First: the scarf. Something dark blue, without a pattern. And of course, the coat. You can find versions of Sherlock's iconic Belstaff coat online, but you probably have a dark grey of black wool coat in your closet. Grab some red thread and add an accent to the top left buttonhole.

What if it's too warm for that right now?

I get that. I'm one of those people that rarely complains about the cold. I have a few solutions to propose. First: the purple shirt of sex. I already made a card about where to find lookalikes for the shirt, so check that out if you think this is a good solution for you. My second recommendation is to grab a shirtdress in a color similar to the ones Sherlock tends to wear on the show (i.e. white, black, blue, and purple).


This depends on your preference. I've seen some cosplayers go light, while others have made great use of bright red lipstick. Just make sure your makeup matches your ensemble. If your version of the character is utilitarian, go light. If she seems more high-maintenance, go all the way with a curly-haired blowout and a full face of makeup.

Or your could be really lazy and just wear a sheet.

The Elementary Version:

Another modern adaptation, this costume should be easy to pull off since the character has a variety of outfits: from the semiformal modern business attire in the first picture, to the extremely casual. The character usually wears a collared shirt, but that can be either a dressy button-down or a comfortable plaid.
The one essential costume piece? Sherlock's socks. It's a subtle detail, but Sherlock is always wearing very colorful, odd socks.


I think this one depends on how you interpret the character. One thing I will emphasize is the tattoos. I'm not telling you to start tattooing yourself like the character does! But you can buy some cheap temporary tattoo pens and create your own (less permanent) body art.
Tumblr user sahraylia made their own version of the character (the beetle wing earrings are a really great detail!). Cosplaying isn't just about getting every little detail right, it's fun. Hopefully these tips will help you build your own closet cosplays! (Tag me if you do, I'll love it!).
@ChosenKnight I'll be sure to tag you ^_^
wow. awesome I'd love to c it
@ChosenKnight ah gotcha. I have a friend who every party he throws becomes a costume party so I usually get a few opportunities... I'm hoping soon! I'll try my best ^_^
@shannonl5 lol I don't celebrate holloween so idk when I'd ever get to do idk if I'd even look good in sherlock cosplay lol. but I'd love to c yours. Do u think you'd get a chance to do it any time soon
@ChosenKnight I'd love to see your version of it!
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