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Yesterday I remembered that this show existed and now I can't stop thinking about it! I never really wanted a sister until I saw Holly and Val's relationship on What I Like About You (and that sweet apartment they lived in together in NYC). Essentially this show was just about the two sisters juggling careers and boyfriends in NYC, but as a 12-year-old viewer, they were everything I wanted to be when I grew up.
Aw man from The Amanda Show to What I Like About You to She's the Man, Amanda Bynes was an awesome kid/teen star for so much of her life. In her late 20s, some psychiatric issues took over and last I heard she was receiving treatment. Being a child star can obviously take its toll on celebrities, and as a long-time Amanda Bynes fan, I really wish her the best.
I used to totally idolize Jennie Garth for her role in What I Like About You. She might have been a little uptight, but she totally had her life together and that made me envy her. Jennie Garth went on to play a pretty similar character (organized, controlling big sister) in 90210 and now she just stars in smaller TV and film projects.
Gary was the reason I wanted to have a best guy friend growing up. His friendship with Holly was just the best! And, his relationship with Tina was obviously meant to be, but took like a million episodes to actually happen. Wesley Jonathan has pretty much stepped out of the spotlight since his role on What I Like About You, unless you count a 2010 Miller Lite commercial.
Tina, the sassiest best friend! She and Gary were two of the longest running characters on the show and audiences (myself included) always wanted them to get together. Allison Munn has gone on to play in similar shows, and 2000s kids might remember her from One Tree Hill or That '70s Show.
Hands down my favorite character on the show, possibly even one of my favorite TV characters of all time. Lauren was the ultimate spaz and had no part of her life figured out, which made me feel a little better because Val was so put together. Leslie Grossman has made a living with a long list of small roles in shows like Melissa & Joey and 10 Things I Hate About You.
Vince, What I Like About You's resident hottie! He was by far my favorite of Holly's many boyfriends on the show, and ultimately the one she ends up with. Nick Zano has continued a pretty successful career, with roles on Happy Endings (the best show ever), 90210 and Cougar Town. I just googled him, and yes, he's still as hot as he used to be.
Man, writing this show made me miss this show too much! Unfortunately, you can't stream What I Like About You anywhere on the Internet :( so we will just have to reminisce with the theme song.
OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THIS SHOW TOOOO! all the characters you listed seriously brought me back to rushing home from school to lay in my parents bed and watch on ABC Family.
I use to LOVE this show! Poor Amanda... She just went off into the deep end.
Haha @LizArnone I know right!!! I watched ABC Family for hours every day after school. This, 8 Simple Rules, Gilmore Girls omg so good.