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Along the western spine of North America runs a hiking trail called the Pacific Crest Trail. It starts just south of the US-Mexican border and ends just north of the US-Canadian border, running over 2,500 miles in total.

And some people hike the entire thing.

This guy not only hiked the entire trail, but filmed a small section of each day's hike, compiling the several month adventure in a three minute clip.
The scenery is as amazing as you might imagine.
Honestly, I can't really imagine a more appealing trip...
This trail is part of the Triple Crown of hiking, alongside the Continental Divide Trail and the Appalachian Trial.

So, what, this guy couldn't do all three? Lame!

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@christianmordi i know man. I read a bit more about the trail and in order to finish it before serious weather sets in in various locations, hikers average about 20 miles per day...
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My god. I would imagine you would have to train year round for this period in order to accomplish this task.
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Anyone that can finish the PCT impresses me!!! It takes a lot of planning, preparing and mental will power, especially in recent years. He actually posted a longer version of this video before too (its like 3 second clips at each point instead of being faster). If you're interested in it!
2 years ago·Reply
@happyrock that's an awesome video, and a really cool card! thanks for sharing!
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