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Ever get sick of those cheesy, inspirational quotes that are plastered all over the internet? Me too. Here are 5 quintessential cheesy quotes that people love, and what they really mean.

"Never let go of your dreams"

I mean, this one isn't so bad. If people don't have dreams, people don't have purpose. But, come on, if you're 40 and you're still trying to be an astronaut or barbie or something, it may be time to redirect.

Real Quote: "Never let go of your dreams, unless they're impractical, costing you money or creating problems among your friends and family."

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

Shooting for the moon is great, but not without preparation. Taking the steps to get to a goal makes it more worthwhile. There aren't shortcuts when you're trying to make something real happen. And though aiming high, is good, it can also set you up for disaster. Be realistic, but balance that with your goals and dreams.

Real Quote: "If you blindly try to get to the top, you're going to fall on your ass."

"Make today ridiculously amazing."

What does this even mean? How do you even do that? This is just generic, and quite frankly, dumb. Making things amazing a result yielded from specific steps. If this quote were, say, a guide to making a good day, it would be different. When people spout off random adages, they ultimately end up sounding dumb. And this one is no different.

Real Quote: "Try not to sabotage yourself today."

"Pain is weakness leaving the body."

How many dudes have ever said this while working out or whatever? This one is just not true. Pain huts, it makes you weaker, literally. When we fall or break something, we don't automatically think, "Damn! I'm stronger!" We think...Ouch.

Real Quote: "Uh...ouch."

I'm not even going to type this one out.

This quote is a travesty. The overuse of swear words and the ridiculously bad grammar isn't inspirational, it's depressing.
Stop telling me I'm a flawless, bad bitch. It's annoying. Just let me live and do my shit.

Real Quote: "Just let me live and do my shit."

Agreed! Say what you mean and stand by it. The older I get the more this holds true.
yea it's a conspiracy by hallmark lol @TessStevens
@2littlelegs absolutely! It is, and if people were more honest I think the world would be a better place! Why not start with the quotes?
Thankyou @TessStevens I am so tired of always seeing these. Yes sometimes it helps but 90% it's annoying lol
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