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I don't know if I can find the words to describe this outfit, but I will try. Cher wore this memorable ensemble to the 1986 Oscars, and it sure made a splash in the fashion world. I don't think we could every forget this look.
The dress was designed by Bob Mackie, a fashion designer known for his unique creations. The ensemble features a caged crop top paired with a sequined maxi skirt and a cape (yes, a cape). The most notable part of the outfit is the massive headdress, which gives the illusion of an enormous black-feathered afro.
Cher wore something crazy and memorable to the Oscars on purpose. Cher was upset with the Academy that she had not been nominated for role in the 1985 film "Mask." Because she believed she was snubbed from a nomination, she chose an outfit that was sure to be remembered and talked about long after the awards were handed out. She definitely achieved her goal.
CHER IS QUEEN. Seriously, Cher and Bob Mackie collaborations is a thing of miracles. Okay, time for me to muffle my inner Cher fangirl now..
gives new meaning to I got you babe hahaha
why is she feeling up the statue lol
@danidee I totally agree! And don't muffle your inner fan girl! That's what Vingle is for... letting your fan girl out!
@buddyesd haha so true!
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