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The fear hindin with in me.

A giant ferocious hyena stud apond me. Pounding into me its fest blaring. my tiny bodys trumbling looking for a way out. I sight a dark weary hindin places as the ferocious hyena take a breather. my tiny body trumbe with fear or prehaps courage my as I roll head under feet to this dark, and weary place. I jump over 3 stairs know pounding with my shoulder trying to open the dark and weary door that stund tall a rustic. then I gasps for a bearth hearing voices inside my hind. for ask and it shall me given. oh thy earth creator help me. pounding apond the door again. as it barely swings open. slamming it be hind me. "shit im nottall enought to block the weary door from opening once more. for what it where here to make me tall enuff. " this red shine boxs glems at me in the corner of my eye. tiny me grape this heavy thing put it in front of this dusty old table and sits again with my back up against the door ,and my feet in front of the red shiny boxs and; just in time to. just them this ferocious hyena pound at the other side.
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