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Pre-debut Vernon (Hansol) from Seventeen talks about being a "halfer" and about discrimination in Korea and in America.
This was filmed in 2008, when Hansol was 10 years old. Funny that he sounds a lot smarter and open minded then a ton of people a lot older than him.

As if I didn't already love him, this confirmed it.

For more (adorable) pre-debut videos from Vernon visit this YouTube channel.
As someone in a biracial marriage and with 2 mixed race children, I can totally relate. My daughter Jena, the oldest of my kids, looks more like her father than me. I'm Hispanic and my husband is Jamaican. Whenever we are together and she calls me "Mom" loud enough for others to hear, I can feel and see all the eyes even more than ever. Even worse is when family make jokes about it. After my son was born (he looks like me) my sister made an awful and rude joke. She said, "People are going to wonder if Nick is even Desmond's father!" We are raising our kids to not see color but to know it. We are raising them not to judge people by their color or race, but to address those who do it to them and let them know they don't tolerate rudeness and criticism.
see this little boy is wiser than most adults. I live seventeen and Vernon
I actually think it's wonderful that first of all there's hapas in kpop groups (gives me hope actually) and second that those hapas aren't afraid of talking about racial discrimination. it actually gives me comfort that there are other people out there that are facing discrimination and talking about it and tryna end it.
1000% agreed..just because someone is different race or mixed doesnt mean i have to stare and discriminate them for that ... im not saying i dont stare ať people but because i like to také photos and paint i stare because i find some of their features or clothes interesting :) and not in a way that would say "u r weird or outsider "
Thank you @kpopandkimchi
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