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If you've ever watched the beloved late 80's/ early 90's teen sitcom Saved by the Bell, you may or may not have noticed how on point Kelly Kapowski's style was. The school bombshell wasn't just a beauty, but a style icon as well. Twenty-something years later, trends from the early 90's are resurfacing, and I think we could all gather some inspiration from Kelly herself.
Kelly Kapowski is the authority on miniskirts, cropped tees, and all things neon.
Boxy cropped tees, bodycon skirts, and wild prints can all go together; it's just about balancing proportion. It doesn't hurt to have a great signature hairstyle either, like Kelly's half-up, voluminous brunette mane.
Black minidresses can be both cute and classy.
Just because you want to throw on an LBD doesn't mean it can't be daytime appropriate, or look anything but tasteful. Long sleeves and a high neck compensate for a tight fit and short skirt (especially when you add stylish elements like cool boots and hoop earrings).
When testing prints, go floral.
Floral is the main type of print Kelly ever concerned herself with, which she did quite often. Whether in a bright color or a washed out palette, watercolor florals are super 90's. Peachy pinks and lavenders are safe bets for the ultimate Kelly style.
Do try an off-the-shoulder top.
They're so on-trend this summer, and so easy to find and pull off. Wear yours like Kelly with high-waisted pants or shorts, either in a cropped style or tucked into your jeans. Bonus points if you pair it with a half-up, half-down hairstyle, hopefully secured with a scrunchie.
Above all, don't be afraid of color and the (more than) occasional minidress! Kelly would always tell you, "if you've got it, flaunt it," and live it up like it's 1992.
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loved this card and the tv show, more like this!