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Congratulations! You've officially excelled to the third date.

How does it feel to know that someone finds you rather intriguing? Pretty good I would think so. Now it's up to you to keep things afloat. Your third can pretty much go one of two ways -- pretty amazing or pretty terrible.
Make this person realize why they agreed to go out with you not one, not two, but three times. They say the third date determines everything, but don't jump the gun. It's up to you to make a great impression -- a lasting impression and see where things go from here.
While making it to the third date can be exciting and new, sometimes it can be a hit or miss. Once you make it past the third date a lot of woman tend to have the idea that since things are going well -- a relationship could brew in the near future. There's a huge possibility, but take it slow. As for guys, it's a known fact that after the third date a lot of guys do a disappearing act and are never heard from again -- commitment issues maybe? According to relationship coach Tamara Leah Orras, 'A man’s decisions are more near sighted, meaning that he is only evaluating a woman on a date-by-date basis.'
It's up to you to play it cool and go with the flow of things. Be happy that you both made it to the third date, but realize that it's up to you to create space for more dates in the future. No need to rush. If the chemistry is there, that's a great sign and more than likely you're doing something right. Whatever that something may be, continue doing it.
If you're one who goes into situations expecting too much, refer to my card on getting rid of expectations -- they'll only leave you hurt in the end. Remain positive that things will go as smooth as possible and don't stress yourself. I mean c'mon, you've made it this far -- that's a great sign.
Keep being yourself and you will have no problem scoring that ring, okay maybe it's too soon. But play it cool and who knows? You might find exactly what you're looking for -- or they might just find you.