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Guys! I have a question! :) My first board was this but I got to know that this is not like normal longboard! This deck is really thin and shorter than other boards! I guess it's still called longboard but is there any particular name for this kind? Plus, what could be the advantage and disadvantage of thinner deck when I skate? Of course it's easier to carry but is that it? :) Thanks!! XD
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@DanielSpazJames thank you for the answer!! @ThtYoungElwoodJ and yes mine is obviously a longboard :)
@guebinliz if you can I'd highly advise it. I got lucky and was able to trade a boars I didn't like
Awesome! Did you changed the deck only? @JoshSmith
no I traded a complete for the deck and a pair of orangutans stims
@JoshSmith Thank you so much!!