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Good news, ladies and gents! You can now achieve the flattering and attractive Donald Trump hairstyle in a few easy steps! Follow this tutorial to be on your way to rocking the Trump hairstyle (racist and xenophobic comments are optional).

Prepare your hair

The first step to achieving the Trump hairstyle is to not wash your hair for at least a week. You want to get that greasy and dirty look, so you might need to run through some construction areas with lots of dust to help you get this look. Whatever you do, do not use dry shampoo or any cleaning products on your hair.


The next step is to tease all of your hair. Brush or comb backwards on your hair to achieve the rat's nest look. Do not brush your hair normally — that will ruin the entire look, and you will have to start over. The more you tease, the better.

Mess with your hair

Every few minutes, ruffle up your hair to make sure that it is looking as unkept as possible. Even better? Let other people touch your hair. Go stand in a wind tunnel or subway. Make sure you go places that have lots of wind to keep your hair in the Trump hairstyle.

Voila — you have achieved the Trump hairstyle!

Disclaimer: This entire card is sarcasm, if you can't tell.
Yes! thank you! i have been wanting this look for ages now
Hahaha @jlee37 you're so right, though!!!
@jlee37 I agree. Karma is a b****
Pardon my potty mouth.😱
I don't give a shit what the ugly fucker has to say. It will come back on him ten fold!@allischaaff @Eramirez @JordanNash
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