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Things keep getting worse from a PR standpoint in regards to the Pan Am games in Toronto. Earlier this week a press conference was held to announce that Kanye West will perform at the closing ceremonies.
The press was shocked that Toronto officials didn’t select a home town rep to close out the show on their soil. How did Drake or Justin Beiber not get the nod to perform? They are hometown superstars!
Unfortunately for the good people of Toronto, Mayor John Tory was selected to speak on the matter.. and boy did he put his foot in his mouth on this one.
When asked by CityNews reporter Cynthia Mulligan at the conference about West headlining the Pan Am Games’ closing ceremony on July 26 and if he was a fan of Kanye’s music, Mayor Tory confused the rapper for being a Canadian.
“I won’t say that I spend every single night at home listening to his music but you know what, I’m smart enough to know that a lot of people do, and I’m smart enough to know that he’s a proud product of our music industry here, as are a number of others.”
Wait.. what?
Tory later admitted he mistakenly thought Kanye was Canadian, adding, “I wish he was Canadian.”
Note to the mayor: Next time you pass over hometown talent in a big event like this, do a bit of research on the artist you chose in their stead. People will ask questions, and you need to have answers. Even those most casual Kanye West fan knows he’s from America.
Just terrible.
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HAHAAAAAAAAAAAA Oh man, this is perfect. Kanyedian.