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You Won't Believe These Surreal Photos
This photo series, called "Little Laborers" will transport you to a miniature land where everything is larger than life. It doesn't matter if your day feels long, or you're sick. This group of photos from photographer Kaitlyn Bernauer will make your day. Permission from Kaitlyn, exclusively for Vingle.net
While these guys are painting over granny-smiths to make red-delicious.
Would you ever want your English muffin buttered by anyone else?
These little guys work on teeth.
These two scoop the sugar for your coffee.
Ever looked hard enough and found vacationers in your eggs?
These photos were taken by Kaitlyn in an attempt to experiment with micro-imagery and fine art photography. They were selected for the 2010 Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition when Kaitlyn was in high school. Kaitlyn went on to study photojournalism and now works for a newspaper in Eastern Washington doing non-fiction photo work. Follow her on Twitter: here. And visit her website for more fantastic photos!
Omg yes! I love this so much!
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Haha! this is cute.
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what a brilliant idea!
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I love this. My friend is into that as well. Such great ideas.
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wow!! so cute
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