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Alright, there are a few cool, real life bromance idols/actor pairs out there, but you have to admit, these two Same Age Friends are the best!
They met through Running Man and even though sweet little Song Joong Ki had to leave for military service soon after, the two maintained their friendship and try to collaborate whenever possible.
Now that he's back from the military, Joong Ki has been filming for his new drama, The Descendent of the Sun.
And guess what? He personally requested for a Lee Kwang Soo cameo! And Kwang Soo agreed right away! I cannot wait to see these two when the drama comes out!
Why don't we celebrate this awesome real life bromance through some gifs? XD
I still secretly wish that Song Joong Ki will return to Running Man as a permanent member but I feel like it's time for him to focus more on his acting. If you guys watched the beginning episodes when he was still in it, what was your favorite moment? I loved how Joong Ki always wanted to take charge of things but ended up failing the missions, lol.
I love the friendly rivalry between the two! I feel like Kwang Soo always wants to try and start something just for the fun of it, but Joong Ki is not innocent either...
See! It's almost a running joke now. They are the like the most adorable friends ever!
And then they always manage to hit us in the feels...
Let's all aspire for this kind of friendship! If you want to see more of this bromance, watch them on Running Man or the drama, Nice Guy.
I think you guys will appreciate this bromance :)
@brunax We should petition for him to come back to RM!!! @VixenViVi Sorry, I had to share my love for them even if it hits us in the feels! XD @kimsongjoongki OMGGGG, is that their ship name??? KISOO! So cute!!!!
yes, I love Kisoo ^ ^
Ah gawd right in the feels! Kwangsoo <3
@TamsinSkye Right? They are adorable! I miss seeing them together in Running Man! T.T
I want this kind of friendship seriously. They are awesome.
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