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Have you ever watched new groups debut... then after like their first lil mini ablum come out the totally disappear!!!
First up WHERE IS 100%?? if i remember correctly first there was 7 members debut with 'bad boy' on 121809, then one member left and another went on duty.... So then there was 5 they had a back with 'beat' on 141603 ..... then nothing DISAPPEARED
LC9 debut with 'mama beat' on 130905, also made little cover songs and what not..... THEN DISAPPEARED!!!!!
im pretty sure theres more disappearing... but these were the ones i was following since debut now everyone in coming back but them.... WTF???
I didn't really care for 100 %. but yeah there lots of groups you never hear from again
Oh I love mama beat LC9 come back
right me too and the dance