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[Subject and I are driving on the highway. I am driving. He's staring out the window while he smokes. He has a smile on his face, for once.]
I've never been this far out of the city before... [pauses] Are you, I mean, are we allowed to do this? Will we get in trouble? No? Okay, I mean, we've never been out on the weekend before. I thought I was, like, [laughs] in trouble or something. Good, I'm glad I'm not. I worry about that, you know? Kind of, just all the time.
Hold on a second.
Let me just, yeah, this is it [song starts to play]. I like that we're out here, you know? I don't know where we're going or what you have planned but, like, I'm really happy to just be out here with you. [smiles] Don't smirk like that! [laughs]
I never, you know, thought I'd be this comfortable with someone again. I mean, you know a lot about me by this point and I, kind of, feel like a broken person, you know? It might be the nature of whatever this is or maybe [laughs] Stockholm Syndrome but, like, I really feel like we have a connection or something. Sorry, sorry, I feel embarrassed. I know you're getting paid to hang out with me or something but there's a part of it, for me anyway, that feels really, um, real.
I mean, do you feel the same way? Or am I just crazy? I'm okay with being crazy, you know? Like, I don't know how to read other people's feelings or whatever, I just want to know if, like, I don't know how to say this. But, do you get what I'm saying?
You do? Really? That makes me, uh, real happy, I guess. I haven't, um, felt this good in a long time.
[He grabs my hand while I drive. I am okay with this.]
Thanks for getting me out of the city.
[end of interview.]