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Although Sex and the City is mostly about romance and relationships, the only thing that really lasts throughout all six seasons is friendship. These four New York City ladies have an iconic friendship. I know for a fact that you and your friends know who the Miranda (uptight, sarcastic), Carrie (inquisitive, witty), Charlotte (smart, hopeless romantic) and Sam (vulgar, hilarious) are in your group.
While they may be an unconventional friend group with pretty different interests and backgrounds, they've made it work for years, and we can all learn something about friendship from them!
Since graduating, I think this quote is more true than ever. No longer on a college campus where all my friends are in a two-mile radius, keeping up with my friends is harder than ever. Now, my friendships are not there for convenience, they're actual work to keep up with, like any other relationship. But that's okay, because most of the time, they're totally worth it!
This is the reason that keeping up with friends is totally worth it - you need them and they need you. I have a constant text conversation going with one of my best friends from home pretty much all day every day. We talk about stupid stuff and important stuff, but she's always there. There are so many things in life, not just heartbreak, that we all need friends for, and finding the ones that are there no matter what is crucial.
I totally hope this is true. I've had the same friends over the past four or five years, much longer than any of my romantic relationships. They're those friends that I know will be there for the rest of my life. We get along great, talk about the important stuff and don't have all the drama of a romantic relationship. I'm all for them being my soulmates!
Loved this card! I really liked the first one in which you state that you have to invest time into your friendship.. we all should set aside time to help our friendships last and grow
I love the concept of your friends being your true soulmates! So sweet
I know @Gavriella!! I think it's a cool message to send to women - that you don't necessarily always have to be looking for the next partner, your friends can be enough sometimes!