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If you try and come at me saying White Chicks wasn't one of the top 10 best movies ever, I will call you a terrible critic, buy a slushy and dump it on your head...and then drink it off your head because you are not worth wasting a perfectly good slushy on.
White Chicks is all about friendship, finding self-confidence, love, and discovering who you truly are......and ultimately being fucking hysterical while all that other shit is happening.
Please try and tell me you never EVER quoted this. Because you would be wrong.
Ahhhhh an amazing example of how girls should not feel the need to order a salad on a date. Granted he is a dude but..... screw it! Don't let anyone make you eat a stupid salad! Thats life lesson #1 right there.
The insult battles are just gold. I can't think of another movie that ever had such perfect BS white girl fights. Life lesson #2, always have props prepped for insult battle.
Who likes to be street harassed? I'll answer that for you...NO ONE! And the white chicks don't let that shit slide. Good for you white chicks.
This movie was so up on pop culture. Nothing was safe when it came to mocking EVERYTHING. Plus they know how to work even the ugliest of outfits.
Can you be any more accurate of people standing in front of the mirror!!!!!! Nope. This is almost to perfect.
If you even try and tell me you don't like White Chicks I will have a B.F.
...and "I'll write a letter,
Dear Mister Royal Hampton. I am a white woman, in America."
Just this dude. So creepy, so confused and so wonderful.
Ill just drop this dance battle here for you to enjoy.
terry crews in any role is the best terry crews. When he sings in this movie I lose my sh*t.
One of the best comedies of the early 2000s! still a classic! I pretty much know every word.
I love this movie!!!
Omg Terry Crews is flawless. I love when he plays really horrifying guys. I saw him in a Tyler Perry movie recently where he was super hilarious again. Just not White Chicks level.
I need to see this movie. Haha
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