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Yeah, it's a touchy subject, but some people just love their food. Sandwiches, especially amirite?
Liz Lemon is like the spirit animal for everyone who loves a good sandwich or burger, mac and cheese, whatever! Here are 5 times 30 Rock's Liz Lemon embodied your relationship with food.
When you meet someone who doesn't care that much about food, it's a dealbreaker.
You don't mind when people criticize your diet, because it makes you happy, and who are they to judge!
If someone takes your food at the workplace...they better watch out, because nobody messes with your lunch!
Night cheese is totally a thing, and you swear by trying new, beautiful, fragrant cheeses for all occasions. You really like cheese's fine.
"Lover" is the kind of word that you associate more with pizza than with romantic relationships. Maybe you should look into that...
Nah never mind.
Tina Fey knows my life pretty much. All of her female characters are so relatable.
I totally want to do a table flip like that at some point in my life...Liz Lemon gets it
Workin' on my night cheese!
LIZZZZZ!!!!! Dropping truth all over 30 Rock!
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