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Everyone knows one right? We all have varying degrees of control over our lives, but we might be more out of control then we think.
Are you an absolute Trainwreck? or are you just having fun? Find out below.

Question 1:

a. Depends on what time it is...
b. Out with my girlfriends
c. Asleep
d. With one of my many er..boyfriends?

Question 2:

a. I have some work functions and things, sometimes. So like 2 or 3?
b. If there's a special occasion I'll go out after work once or twice.
c. 0. I'm always so tired from work I just like to go home and sleep.
d. I don't know, all of them?

Question 3:

a. Sometimes
c. Not really
d. Where's my drink? Seriously, who took my drink?

Question 4:

a. Early.
b. Yes!
c. Every day.
d. I usually get there within half an hour, or an hour. Whatever...

Question 5:

a. I keep track of my finances.
b. I love having fun, but I know my limits.
c. I save money effectively.
d. I never know how much money I have, but I guess I'll find out if I run out.
Question 6:
a. It's not my focus right now.
b. I go out sometimes, but it's hard to meet people.
c. I have fun!
d. Dating? I don't date. I just get what I need and go.

Mostly A's: You're TOO put together.

Mostly B': You're put together, but not enjoying it.

Mostly C's:You've got life down!

Mostly D's: Sorry, you're a trainwreck!

@DianaChicago one person's boring is another person's amazing!
got c! hahaha
I took the test but I think I seem boring. OMG! :-/
I got a tie between A and B!!