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Your 20s: That time when you spend more time watching 'Girls' than you do hanging out with other actual girls.
'A Total Shosh'
Oh you're right @danidee, they are train wrecks! "Girls" is a much better of portrayal of women!
Aww haha thank you @Amye1!! :D I know you are absolutely right. Now's the time to have adventures and learn about myself. There's plenty of times for settling down and being a mom later :) although the I do really really look forward to having kids. I feel like after your twenties and getting married, that's the next big adventure!! :D
@allishaaff...bless your heart! Hold tight to the positives! Because, someday, you'll look back and say "I should have taken advantage of that time while I could have." I waited until 26 to have kids and settle down. I feel like I didn't miss out on too much.
I'm in my 40's so now I've just switched to "Real Housewife of....." and "Love and Hip Hop". So the problem is still the same, the shows just change. :-/
@danidee Aww, thanks girl ^^ I do really like being in my 20s so far, which is good! People seemed to dread college graduation, but I'm loving life on the other side. It feels really cool to be sort of 'grown up' :D (while remaining very, very young at heart... dare I say immature. lol)
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