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Your 20s: That time when you spend more time watching 'Girls' than you do hanging out with other actual girls.
'A Total Shosh'
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@allishaaff...bless your heart! Hold tight to the positives! Because, someday, you'll look back and say "I should have taken advantage of that time while I could have." I waited until 26 to have kids and settle down. I feel like I didn't miss out on too much.
Aww haha thank you @Amye1!! :D I know you are absolutely right. Now's the time to have adventures and learn about myself. There's plenty of times for settling down and being a mom later :) although the I do really really look forward to having kids. I feel like after your twenties and getting married, that's the next big adventure!! :D
@Amye1 LOL Be glad you're not a "Real Housewife". Those women are trainwrecks - or at least that's how they portray them on TV!
Oh you're right @danidee, they are train wrecks! "Girls" is a much better of portrayal of women!
@Amye1 And even then, not by much. I like real women better lol