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So I know that EXID's Up and Down MV had a ton of sexual symbolism, but Stellar's Vibrato teaser is over the top obvious - plus they're wearing g-strings instead of pants or, idk, UNDERWEAR. LOL.

The purse, the grapefruit, the lips, the flowers, everything - it was all just different things that look like, well, the female reproductive organ lol.

Check it out the symbolism and the dance that is basically meant to be them using vibrators (LOL) and let me know what you think. Obviously this song is going to be banned ASAP and we may never see the original choreo, but this will certainly get this group some attention.
Personally girls, do your thing. I think that people are so nervous talking about the female body when its totally okay to talk about men. My concern is that this concept was created by the company and the girls might not be comfortable in this role. That's just the problem with the industry though, you become part of a company and now the company has the right to tell you what to do. Goodbye artistic freedom and self expression :/
If fans can flip out over short skirts and tiny booty shorts, they'd better be able to handle what's underneath them! Be careful what you wish for :)
BTW I know I don't need to say this cause our community is awesome but


If you disagree with this concept please still be respectful, these girls are human too.
Yup it is full of...references but its 19+ after all, and the song sounds pretty good from the teaser hahaha go Stellar!
unfortunately sex sells.
I kind of hate groups that use scandals/controversial stuff for the attention especially rookie groups. Like come on just put out a good quality video and interact with the fans instead of random things like this and get bold later after you've built your fan base.
Dude........... This hurts my damn head....... I wish they would've kept normal and just girly and upbeat and not gone all haywire.... Like AOA's Miniskirt for example, it's sexy, but not sexual -.-
They're probably trying to up the anticipation for the new MV. The better it looks, the more controversial it looks, etc. will get more people watching it. It's a pretty smart move TBH. :-)
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