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Drunk Girl DIY: Make Your Own 'Purrito' - It's Like A Burrito, But With Your Cat!
Finally, we can enjoy the kittens the Internet has grown to know and love in a whole new way - as a 'purrito'! The 'purrito' is half-burrito, half-cat, and while you can't actually eat it like you can a real burrito, don't let it stop you from trying to roll your resident fluffball into a kitten burrito yourself!
Purritos, while they're adorable as hell, is often used by animal shelters and veterinarian offices to humanely restrain kittens, cats, birds, or any other small pets with claws when it's time to administer medication. They also just sort of do it for fun on Cinco De Mayo.
So here's what you need...
CAUTION: Take this tutorial slow because doing this too fast might freak your cat out. You might even find that your cat doesn't actually like being rolled up like a burrito. In such case, throw out said cat and buy yourself a new one. (You really can't afford to have such a negative source of energy lurking around your home.)
Or for a little extra visual, check out this Purrito building tutorial from YouTube vlogger JoeTalks:
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
And it should come out looking something like this:
I hope you enjoyed this Purrito tutorial as much as I enjoyed writing it. Make sure to share your photos with me if you intend on making your pet cat or kitten your very own feline burrito.
(NOTE: No furbabies are harmed in the making of the Purrito. You, however, might get suckerpunched in the feels.)
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